Our Sustainability Strategy

Surge Energy's

Materiality Assessment

Materiality assessments are aimed at engaging stakeholders to find out how important specific Sustainability issues are to them. Surge’s current materiality assessment was conducted with the Board of Directors and management.

We identified nine key points that form the heart of our materiality assessment. Surge has committed to review, evaluate, and expand upon these material risks as part of the Company’s annual strategic review process. While these material risks are not intended to be an exhaustive list, they represent the most material Sustainability issues currently facing Surge today.

Our Focus on


Surge strives to minimize our impact on the environment while safely and efficiently producing the hydrocarbons that contribute to Canada’s energy needs. We place a high priority on water management, emissions reduction, spill mitigation, and our abandonment and reclamation initiatives. Our goal is to ensure all our operating areas are returned to their natural state at the end of the operating lifecycle.

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Surge adheres to stringent emissions regulations and seeks to meet or exceed all industry requirements. We continuously seek innovative ways to lower energy intensity, reduce fuel consumption, and mitigate our operational emissions in an effort to lower our overall carbon footprint.

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Spill Mitigation

As part of our unwavering commitment to the environment, we focus on preventing spills from occurring in or around our operations. We prioritize maintenance, inspection, monitoring, and mitigation programs designed to reduce the risk of a spill occurring from our trucks, tanks, or pipelines, and should a spill happen, reduce its potential severity.

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Abandonment and Reclamation aims to return surface lease sits to their original, pre-disturbed, state. This includes restoring original vegetation or agricultural crops wherever possible. Surge remains committed to our abandonment and reclamation programs having cumulatively abandoned over 900 wells and spent over $44 million since 2018.

Our Focus on


People are the backbone of our business and are instrumental to our success. Both the team at Surge and the communities where we operate are key to our long-term success as a responsible operator. Surge’s number one priority is the safety of every employee, contractor, and community neighbour within the areas where we operate, including our corporate office.

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Health & Safety

Key incidents or risks are tracked and used to inform our business decisions and help drive how our operations are managed. Safety objectives are incorporated into our annual compensation targets and directly linked to our ability to meet or exceed those targets. We regularly review these corporate safety targets across all levels of our Company to ensure continued improvement and safe staff.

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Our People

Surge is proud to be home to a talented and experienced team of energy professionals. Together we share a passion for Canadian energy and a commitment to excellence that permeates all that we do. A cornerstone to our success is a strong belief that investing in our staff is the best way of securing a strong future for Surge.

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Community Investment

Surge continued its partnership United Way, Stars, Veterans Association, and Wood’s Homes during 2022. Surge raised over $30,000 for the United Way, surpassing our total from 2021 by almost $10,000. During 2022 Surge focused on expanding our community impact, providing more support to our field and local communities through events, awareness, education, and athletics.

Our focus on


Surge recognizes the importance of good governance as the foundational support that underpins our ability to effectively address risks, capitalize on opportunities, and create long-term shareholder and stakeholder value. The Board and Executive team consider strong Sustainability performance critical in driving long-term shareholder value, and place emphasis on pursuing Sustainability initiatives that drive strong economic performance.

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Board of Directors

Since inception, our Board has established and adhered to strong governance principles and practices which have been updated and revised as current governance trends evolve. Surge has established programs and training to assist with orientation of new Directors as well as ensuring value-add continuing education for all Directors.

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Board Tenure & Independence

We place a high priority on monitoring tenure and ensuring regular Board renewal exercises. Over the past ten years, our Board has expanded from seven to nine members. Three of our original members have departed and have been replaced by new members whose skills, experience, and abilities provide an excellent complement to the broader Board.

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Board & Company Diversity

In 2022, 44% of our overall head office staff were female and 41% of our leadership team was comprised of women, including one of our five executive positions. Diversity ensures our Board and leadership represents the broader community, affording a strong benefit from diverse perspectives, thoughts, and skill sets.