Life at Surge

At Surge Energy

We are committed to excellence and leading with integrity in all that we do.

Our enthusiastic team upholds the highest standards of business ethics. We all share a common passion for Canadian energy and collaborate to ensure that Surge operates in a safe, environmentally responsible manner with a strong focus on continuous improvement. To join our team, view our current career opportunities.

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Our focus on


At Surge, our culture reflects our greatest asset: our people.

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Small Company Mindset

As we continue to grow, an intentional small company mindset ensures that the whole team understands the bigger picture. We strive for quick decision-making processes, open doors, an accessible leadership team and frequent social events in order to create a culture where people genuinely enjoy coming to work.

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Getting Involved

We are proud of our charitable giving initiatives which include team volunteer opportunities throughout the year and a generous donation-matching program so that employees can support the community activities that are important to them. For more information on our corporate donations program, view our current community initiatives.

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Leadership & Growth

We believe that leadership sets the tone for the organization. Our leaders lead by example and create a positive, inclusive environment where everyone is welcome. We focus on training and development programs for all employees to ensure our people are growing both individually and as a team.

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Compensation & Benefits

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Competitive Compensation

Surge offers a robust total compensation package inclusive of a competitive base salary and both cash and share-based incentive programs and savings-plan matching. Our share-based compensation focus ensures that the whole team is invested in the growth and success of the Company.

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We support our employees and their families by providing a robust benefits program on day one of employment. Benefits include medical, dental, paramedical and prescription drug coverage. Everyone has free and confidential access to our assistance program which includes financial advice, mental health assistance and family counseling.

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Work Life Balance

We encourage employees to prioritize a healthy work life balance. We provide a top-tier time-off plan inclusive of both flex and vacation days and flexible hours of work.