Our Sustainability Report

Surge Energy is a value orientated, public energy company driving sustainable returns

Surge’s Sustainability Vision

Surge is a leader and trusted steward in the responsible development of Canadian resources. Through sustainable asset development and continuous engagement with stakeholders, we are dedicated to creating value for current and future generations.

Surge believes that sustainable development is not just a catch phrase, but a core pillar of our business. Our team takes great pride in balancing near term economic factors with longer term social and environmental impacts. By doing business this way, we can take all stakeholders into consideration from shareholders to landowners.

Surge has demonstrated the ability to balance these varied interests without detracting from our fundamental commitment to create and unlock shareholder value. When Surge realizes business success, it enables us to share that success with all Canadians through higher provincial royalty payments. This additional government revenue goes towards funding critical infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals, and social programs throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Surge is also proud of the value we create within our communities to provide local employment opportunities and negotiating fair payments to landowners. Surge is very proud of the work we do and will continue to strive to do business the right way.