Corporate Profile

At Surge, we believe sustainable development is not just a catch phrase, but a lens in which to view our every decision.

We are an oil focused energy company with a sustainable strategy to enhance returns and free cash flow. Our simple, repeatable business strategy is based on developing high high-quality, conventional oil reservoirs using proven technology to enhance recovery through waterflood.

The Surge strategy is based on three core pillars:

  • Disciplined Capital Allocation

    • We undertake low cost, high impact projects that support long long-term sustainability
  • Financial Flexibility

    • By focusing on high return strategic opportunities, we seek to maximize free cash flow and enhance liquidity
  • Responsible ESG Principles

    • Surge deploys ongoing abandonment programs to reduce corporate decommissioning liability

Corporate Profile
Surge is very proud of the work we do and will continually strive to do business the right way and for the benefit of people, our environment, and our many diverse stakeholders.

The Surge Advantage